Detox Your Relationship

So, things at home haven’t been great for, well, a while now? You don’t want to leave, but you know something has to give… 

Breaking-up doesn't have to be the answer – you can fix an unhappy partnership. Just like your health, sometimes your relationship needs a detox.

Whatever your situation, before you make any decision, try Jo’s relationship detox program.

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What Will I Learn?

  1. Why detox?
  2. Certainty: CPR for your relationship
  3. If apathy is the virus, empath is your vaccine
  4. Detox distractions
  5. The dependent doormat
  6. Game playing: good for the bedroom not for the relationship
  7. Indirect communication: simplify your way to relationship success
  8. Enabling
  9. Give up your need for control
  10.     Ignorance: communication is bliss
  11.     Maintaining your detoxed relationship


About The Author

Jo Lamble is a Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing for over 25 years. She sees individuals, couples, and groups and specialises in relationship issues.

Jo is the resident psychologist on Channel 7′s Sunrise program. Jo also gives corporate seminars and speeches on relationship, family and parenting issues. She is regularly heard being interviewed on radio across the country each week.

Jo has published four books: Motherhood: Making it work for you; Side by Side: How to think differently about your relationship; Online and Personal: The reality of Internet relationships; and The Partner test: How well are the two of you suited?

Avaialble for instant download from just $19.95 for a limited time only. 

Order Your Copy Now

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